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Pindrop Audiology

Pindrop mic drop

The word audiology, led us to the typical imagery of sound waves and fluctuating noise levels. Though sound, as a topic, holds a wealth of visuals – most are understood through watching a line dance on a screen. We wanted to humanize the topic – so we focused instead on how we as a species typically interact with sound – through speech. 

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Pindrop Audiology are audiology specialists based in the UK, who approached us for a naming and branding project for their new company. 

Our everyday social interactions are routed in conversation – both through speaking and listening, one informs the next. The speech bubble encapsulated the human element to sound and noise. So after focusing on two key letters from the name Pindrop – P & D, we began to mould the forms of each letter using the speech graphic. A simple, soft and reflective marque.

The work included here is solely print focused, showcasing a brand that focuses on the calming palette, the simplistic marque and the patterns built out from the logo. 

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